New phobies ideas #17: Moby Trick

Unit race: Monster
Card type: Uncommon
Key cost: 7

Base stats:

  • Health: 2300
  • Ground movement: 1
  • Attack range: 2
  • Attack damage: 500

Active ability: Go fish
Damages and pulls an enemy closer.

  • Lob Attack range: 3
  • Attack damage: 500
  • Cooldown: 2 turns

I like it, imo brobably the most likely to be added into the game


Really cool, love the idea of a whale that throws a harpoon. I think a big tank with a pull would be great!

My only feedback would be to perhaps make it an Undead so its very different from Miss Moffat, and gives it a weakness to Poison and Disease as counterplay.

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