Three new phobie ideas

Name: Moby Sick
Classification: Undead
Key Cost: 9
Card Type: rare
Hp: at lvl 1 3500hp(formerly 1000hp)
Movement Speed: 1
Dmg: 800+400 disease at lvl 1 for ability
Range: 2 block radius + lob for ability, 2 for attack
Abilities: Thar She Blows!, Decaying

Moby Sick is a dead whale like Whuffalo Will exept it is a bloated white sperm whale laying on its side and just moving by slowly struggling like its trying to right itself.

Thar She Blows!: Moby Sick’s stomach swells and then explodes for 800 damage +400 disease dmg, unless 2 blocks away which diseases enemies with no other damage, Moby Sick’s ability is a 2 range radius around her and goes over walls, 2 round cooldown.

Decaying: Moby Sick can only move once per round like affected by Dial’s ability, but can use the other move solely for the ability, unaffected by the Stay Tuned ability.

Name: Queenie
Classification: monster
Card Type: uncommon
Key cost: 4
Hp: 251 at lvl 1
Movement: 2 Burrowing
Damage: 300 at lvl 1 + 20dmg per 10hp lost
Range: 2 lob
Abilities: What Doesn’t Kill Me

What Doesn’t Kill Me: every time Queenie takes damage her attack increases, when at 1hp is when she deals the most damage, healing will decrease the amount of damage she deals but only 10% of the damage that was increased, per the amount of hitpoints healed.

looks like a termite queen.

Name: Johnny
Classification: Dimensional
Card Type: ultra-rare
Key cost: 3
Hp: 400 at lvl 1
Movement: 2 blocks
Dmg: trap deals 200 dmg per round, 300 dmg
range: 1 block, 3 blocks for ability.
Abilities: The Game Is Rigged!

The Game Is Rigged!: sets down a trap up to 3 blocks away, the trap damages and makes the enemy and all adjacent phobies unable to attack for 2 rounds, cooldown is 4 rounds.

looks like an oldschool Jack in the box, selecting Johnny will cause music to play, card says “Jacks out of his Box!”


I think for 9 keys with such a specific bait 1000 xp is too little. And the options are interesting :smiling_face:

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I drew moby sick



Sry my depiction looks like a beluga whale

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News flash: I redesigned my moby sick drawing


The first one looks a bit better than the bottom one, but both are gorgeous. I would play with the character. The only thing is, are there not many expensive undead in the game already? :sweat_smile:

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Funny whale go boom boom

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Im so glad you guys like it like seriously I made the mistake to google bloated sperm whale and now a wanna vomit

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Gotta get to work :wink:


Moby sick :joy:
Moby… Sick :rofl:

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