News Phobie idea

I Had an Idea for a new Phobie:




Kost:3~4 Keys

Ability:Spawns on every second field a little minion that stay on the Block ,until an opposite Phobie walks on the field. Then the Minion does ____ Damage on the Phobie and disappears (maybe with a cool Effect)

Looks Like: A Cookie with an mouth(spickey teeth would be nice).

Ability Name:Bad Crumbs

Rarity:Ultra Rare(Rare would be fine too)


Range:1Block (because It Bytes the Phobie)

(Just give me some Feedback about my Idea)


really like the idea of another dessert like phobie

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I drew cookie byte


I really like the design

The minions are backed or still made out of
cookie dough?
Because if they’re made out of dough cookie-byte can “puke” them, but maybe it’s better if the’re crumbs that fall from him,

Sorry that I am just back now because I had a lot to do.
But anyways, this looks awesome :+1:!
I love your design!
Your a very good drawer so why don’t you make a lot of new own phobies?
Just to say, I love it!

Name: Grumpy Star
Life: 1730
Damage: 400
Range: melee
Motion: Two lockers walking
Price: 6 keys
Rarity: ultra rare or rare
type: monster
Ability: Anger: If he kills a phobie,At the end of the turn, he transforms into a steel star for two turns.
Steel star: life: 2750
Damage: 800
Motion: two lockers walking
Duration: 2 turns
Appearance: in its normal mode it is like a starfish on two legs (like Patrick) and is orange with its mouth on its stomach (as starfish really are). If you want to know his angry form I will write it in another comment

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