Opinion: traps need a rework

I think most mechanics of the game are awesome and well-implemented, and almost every Phobie is well-balanced and useful in a specific situation. This is truly remarkable considering the complexity of the game. But if there’s one thing that needs a rework, it’s traps.

Traps have the following issues:

  1. Their possible positions are easily forgotten in async games. The only way to know where they could be is to remember where the enemy moved its trapper phobie: async games last for days and needing to watch a replay because you forgot where that Baba-Yaga was five turns ago is not cool.

  2. They can be VERY frustrating.

  3. They are the only source of hidden information, along with invisibility, in the game: this is weird because it puts the game in a situation where it can’t be described as having perfect information like Chess even though it is extremely close to having it. IMO you should either introduce more hidden information mechanics or remove the existent ones (I would prefer the latter).

Because of these reasons, I suggest a trap rework.

Here are some suggestions on how to rework them in case you decide you want to do it:

  1. (favourite) Make traps visible and recognizable as being of a specific player and change Doom Doom’s ability to something that changes the ownership of enemy traps or removes/triggers traps in a radius.

  2. Make traps visible and neutral (able to trigger on and damage your own phobies too). Change Doom Doom’s ability to something that removes or triggers all traps in a radius. This would be a pretty big nerf to all trapper phobies so further changes would be needed.

  3. Make traps visible (either player-specific or neutral) and instantly triggered when a Phobie ends its movement or walks on them. This would be a total rework of traps and HUGE changes to the game would be needed in order to rebalance it.

  4. Add a way to mark tiles as dangerous so that async games with traps are less frustrating. I wouldn’t like this solution very much as it would only solve issue number 1, but it would surely be better than nothing.

Let me know your thoughts and suggestions in the comments!


You are right bro! I think that need to be adden in the game. Its not fair to damage my petrified Gargles with trap!

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Agreed. The problem here is that there are only two units that can take care of traps for good: Doom doom and tickles. I already talked about doom doom. It has to stand on a trap to take care of it, which might put you in range of enemy fire. And thats assuming you actually HAVE doom doom. Maybe if they add more units that can see and absorb traps, the problem will be solved.


I think traps should become visible after 1 turn, and invisibility should be removed.


I like the idea of marking dangerous tiles, for me, that’s the way to solve the problem of forgetting traps in async

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