Opponent able to desync you in Arena when they know they are losing

Players are able to cheat and avoid losses by deysncing their opponents in Arena the moment they know they are losing.

Screenshot attached, in this game there had been no connection issues all game and they were JUST testing out moves with no lag a split second before the desync occurred.

They knew they had lost with no chance to come back on this turn.

I have never had issues with desyncing before either.

Man that was an absolute waste of 20-30 minutes for no rewards and is absolute BS.

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This happened to me too, and it simply should not happen, it’s infuriating.
The desynced person should lose, and the opponent should get the rewards.

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Hey Rhazelle, I already forwarded this issue to the team. We’ll have to verify first if this is an exploit or simply a bug. We apologize for the inconvenience. Thank you for this report.