Option to buy Monthly Subscription on Steam

Hello, i’m sorry to bother but I’ve experienced this issue wheere if I go to the offers page on the steam version of phobies it doesn’t appear any option to buy the monthly subscription as you can see from th screenshot. If I go to the mobile version of the game, with the same account, I can access the option to buy the subscription but it denies the payment, despite having checked to have money on my card and also to have bought with the very same card the 20 dollar offer for 2 dreadful pack not even 12 hours ago. Can somebody help me? I just want to buy the subscription and support the game

Hey there!

Unfortunately at this time, subscriptions are not currently supported on Steam and are only available via mobile.

Have you tried another method of payment to see if that works? For security purposes, we would suggest opening a ticket on our Discord so we can investigate this for you. Discord.gg/phobiesgame under #request-support