Pay-to-win balance solution

The game clearly comes is pay-to-win when players are equal in strength, because of the fact that the strength of a creature depends on their level, which is the more the more a player has gived it by the currencies, or even the level of the player’s profile-to-win, for the same reasons. Wasn’t it clear from the very beginning that this was an error in the development of the game concept? and this will be the main reason the end of it, because if not from the very begining, then later, when it comes out, the players will leave the game because of this. I say it again and I say it clear: it will happen, because the folks are not the fools ones, and when time will come and they will lose because of this, the game will be dead to them; not even counting the players who will leave it when they firstly will seing that the stats of the cards are increasing by the points, which ones are more the more the level player have, and realized that in front of them is another money-collector garbage from the google play.

The solution, of course, is simple - to delete the levels of playing cards, and, instead of this, to try to concentrate on the system of obtaining cards, in-game battle fields / effects for creatures / avatars / alternative pictures and skins for cards / voice acting for creatures / announcer who would comment on the game, etc. At least, one can balance the selection of players by the number of improved cards so that the total level of creatures will be the same (if 1 player has a level 2 and level 3 creature, and the another has 1 level 5 creature - and the rest cards of two of them are the base level cards - so that they find a game against each other), or better: make other variants of abilities for cards / their variations with different abilities - so that when the level increases, you can learn a new ability to the card, and take only one into battle! ingenious - and the level system will remain.

P.S. Guys, I love your game, I really do, and only because of this I have wrote all this, to save such a wonderful game, done in all other aspects meticulously perfectly…

P.P.S. Didn’t you saw, guys, the MtG, Hearthstone, Legends of Runeterra, etc., the card games which do their best even without pay-to-win system, selling only packs of cards and styles/card arts and doing it with a bang! pay-to-win is just not working, it’s so old true and now you came here with that… Cmon! And moreover, you guys, implemented it in a game where people has to think a lot to make a best move to win, so they game will attach the smart people, who will just not paid for that because of that!!!


Hey Mao! We truly appreciate your input on this! I will definitely include this in my next Feedback and Suggestions Report that I share with the devs. :slight_smile:


Thank you! :face_holding_back_tears: :face_holding_back_tears: :face_holding_back_tears:
And, btw, the OP has been updated.

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And hey, I was even thinking of buying something in the store to support the developers of this wonderful game, but understanding that the game has p2w completely discouraged this desire (although the store already has not p2w offers like boosters and avatars, but the fact that there is a pay-2-win and that whoever pays the most will get an advantage in the game - spoils everything positive).

I think I’m not the only one who would like to buy something and changed his mind because of this

Hi ! Totally agree with that. Thanks Mao to said it :slightly_smiling_face:

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That’s exactly it. The game is amazing, but in
these days there is no more room for p2w games. Focus profits on cosmetics, effects and passes with higher rewards. Let the players play a fair game against each other.

I disagree with this, I don’t think it is pay to win. There’s definitely pay to improve your chances but deep down strategies are what make you win.

I have played people with level 15+ Phobies while all mine where around level 7 and although the challenge was more difficult I chose Phobies that could counter act his Phobies. On the flip side I have also lost to people generally new to the game who have half the level Phobies as I do.

Part of the strategy in this game is to level your Phobies accordingly. Do you upgrade one Phobie to a huge level (if you have enough cards) or do you evenly spread it out.

With that said I think the better solution to your concerns is to include Phobie Levels into the equation in matchmaking. Only match people within 15 Phobie levels of each other. EG. if you are level 20 you would only face people in the 10 - 30 range. I will expand on this idea in another post.


Check this out: Not only that (that I’ve already wrote), the most confusing part of that is that the every time one should to check the enemy health and attack to undertstand will it be enough to trade with it or not and rethink and recalculate the whole game strategy for this; and althought it may add a certain zest to the game, specially in the async mode, but in the arena mode this turns it into a mathematical contest of who multiplies 3 digit numbers (creature attack) by 2 faster and adds them together (very often 2 creatures can attack at once) to understand what to do next to get the value from trades. And I would be fine with that and even enjoy it if there was no imbalance, such as, for example, [ EDIT: Deleted this part of the post as it violates Rule #10 of our Community Guideline and Rules stated here - CM NekoRei ] and there is a lot of that. I don’t know about you, but for me it’s shamefull when I think about if there were tournaments for this game and commentator says: “Well, his cat is level 437, a level less than his, and he now can’t make that move.” And I can’t even imagine how ashamed it would be to comment on this game to the commentator, because he would either have to not talk about it directly, and try to justify the fact that one has an advantage over the other because of the dough, or take the devil’s side to talk about it directly. Only I wouldn’t comment on that.

Moreover, the individuality of creatures with such a game system deteriorates - due to the lack of accurate “knowledge” about whether there is enough damage to exchange, because you need to check the level every time, you don’t know if you see the same cat from the last game - or not. That is, the fact that the cat is drawn as a character skin does not tell you anything more about him, because you still need to check his stats and level, and the fact that he is a cat, and even one of a kind in the game, with such characteristics of movement points, attack radius, etc. - already in the background. And etc, etc, etc…

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Hi @Mao as much as we’re open to everyone’s opinion and encourage healthy discussions here in the forum, we also do not tolerate posting in “ALL CAPS” and aggressive tones that could lead to a toxic discussion. Our team respects your feedback but please tone it down, otherwise we will have to give you a sanction here in the forum.

Once again, I will be sharing your input to our devs. Closing this thread now.