A legendary game?

Do you want to make a legendary game? Remove Levels from phobias, let the game be fair for everyone. Oww won’t they make money? Change the way you monetize, battle passes, cosmetics, skins, taunt packs, anything else that doesn’t affect the balance between players. is the game good? Yeeesss, one of the best I’ve played, but unfortunately it won’t last long and will be forgotten by players who leave the game. I want to be able to play this game without a calculator on the side. the game has potential, but then I ask you developers: do you want a legendary game that lasts for a long time and attracts more and more players, or do you want to earn a little money for a few months and make a game that will be forgotten in less than 1 year? that’s up to you.

Hi @brbrbr333 I want to understand your point correctly. So what you’re saying is because players can level up their Phobies, there’s a huge gap between the levels of the Phobies of the paying players versus the non-paying players, or the older players (whether they are paying or not) versus the newer players, which a lot of players think is unfair and making the game/matches unbalanced. And you think this may be one of the reasons why players may leave the game?

the big reason for players to start leaving the game is the feeling of imbalance in the matches, just today I played against phobias lvl 17 / 18, while my maximum phobia is at lvl 6 and that makes a lot of difference in the match. I like the game, I want to buy something in it to support you, but I can’t, because the game is clearly p2w. I’ve spent money on several games, but all of them were games that the purchase wouldn’t make a difference in the matches, like skins and battle passes because I felt like I was supporting something fair. What I think is a workaround, either reduce the lvl outlier, or make it easier for players to reach max lvl faster and easier, or make a mode where all phobias enter the match at the same lvl. invest in skins, animations and countless other thousand things that you can monetize without changing the balance of the matches.
You could adopt the system that most battle royale adopt nowadays. they could have put lvls on weapons, on characters, but they didn’t and still we had many successful games in this style and to this day they continue to be successful because the focus is on the fact that anyone has a chance to beat anyone, no matter if one person has the coolest skins in the game and the other the most basic, the chances are the same, the difference is only in the skill.


Okay, thanks for your detailed feedback and your suggestions for the possible fix. I will make sure to include this in my feedback report and discuss this in our next meeting.