Phobie idea: dr. Electron

“When life gives you lemons, make elctrodes, wait was that my line?” -dr. Electron
Key cost: 4
Rarity: ultra rare
Race: mechanical
Hp: 1800
Atk: 350+300 electrical damage
Atk type: single target
Atk range and type: 2, line of sight
Movement range and type: 1, flying
Ability: magnetising
He switches between positive and negative every 2 turns (you can tell by his red or blue hue in his electrodes), red is positive, blue is negative. Red phase comes first and it allows him to pull, but when its negative he can push.
Delay: 1
Cooldown: 1
Range: 2, line of sight
Damage: 350+300 electrical damage (forgot to put that in)

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