New phobie idea #6: Chaintipede


Unit race: Monster
Card type: Uncommon
Key cost: 4

Base stats:

  • Health: 1600
  • Ground movement: 2
  • Attack range: 1
  • Attack damage: 360

Passive ability: Get in line
Chaintipede’s main characteristic is that he can occupy 2 tiles at once, this can work by dividing him into 2 entities (head and tail), one entity following the other that moves. If you want to coil him back into 1 tile you need to tap one of his ends and move it into the other.

If one of Chaintipede’s ends is on a special tile, he will interact with it, without needing to coil into 1 tile (Panic points, Lava, Stim pads, Fire, Traps or Healing spas)

Chaintipede can attack from any of his ends, but the space he occupies can complicate the movement of your ally phobies, plus there’s more targets to hit, so he can be a 2 edged sword


This guy feels a lot more mechanical than monster tbh


Actually I couldn’t decide if it should be a dimensional or a mechanical, but technically it isn’t a robot so I chose monster to make it simple

This is a really cool idea. It’s similar to other phobies in that it is very normal except for one special gimmick, and I think it’d be interesting to see how players use this again.
This is a really cool phobie without any changes, so don’t take my suggestions as criticizm :sweat_smile:

  1. Higher damage, perhaps like 500, give or take a bit. Comparing this card to baby snakey, it’s really weak for 4 keys, and it’s novelty rarely contributes to it being utalitarian. I do understand your hesitation to make it strong, however, being that it’s purpose is taking two spaces.
  2. Like someone else suggested, mechanical. Your logic of making it monster is sound, because it is literally just metal and there’s nothing literally mechanical about it. The reason it should be mechanical, however, is sensible: think about it in real life. Would metal chains be affected by poison and disease? No. An electrical current? Yes. So even though, from a logical perspective, it’s not mechanical, the artwork would depict it as such.

Amazing phobie. Loved it, keep making phobies :smile:

On second thought, the bigger hitbox would require more hp. Instead of more damage, which would not benefit the phobie, more hitpoints would really help because it’s easier to hit.


Huh, I didn’t think about ur second point like that, maybe it makes more sense like that

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