My 2nd new phobie

Before I show my phobie, I just want you to know that I’m new to phobies so this phobie concept might exist already so please tell me if that’s the case. Also tell me wether it is overpowered or underpowered.

Here is darkness

Darkness is a… well know one knows. He is a weird thing that has no emotion, no heart, but I know one thing, and that’s he likes holes, especially ones with no bottom.

His stats at level 1:
2200 health
1 flying movement
2 attack range
325 attack damage
Costs 9 keys
Ultra rare rarity

His ability:
His ability “Down you go” makes darkness make an abyss tile one tile away from him (1 ability range) This hole cannot be directly placed on a opponent phobie or a phobie from your team (so he doesn’t one shot) These abyss holes will last forever until someone falls in it, then it will turn to normal. Both your teammates and opponents can fall in the abyss. The ability needs two turns to cool down.

I will probably make more of these new phobies as time goes on.

Hopefully you liked it and please give me as much feedback as possible :smile:


Very interesting concept. I feel like the ability isn’t quite 9 key worthy. Maybe drop it to 7 keys. Someone can easily throw away a 2 key and hit it with sheeping gas. Too fragile for am ability that can’t one shot. Just my initial thoughts. Really like this concept though :+1:

Thanks and yeah, you are right, someone could sacrifice like a 1 cost. Yeah, maybe should lower the key cost

verry interessant ! His ability is verry interesting for create new tactics ! Nice job ! (sorry for the mistakes, im not english XD ). Lets see the other creation and good luck !

Thanks for the feedback, and don’t worry about the English, everyone starts somewhere, just a guess, but are you German

Nop ! I’m french, and you ?

I am British but originally from India

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I like this! I believe it would be more suited to 7 keys and perhaps more move speed (to help with using the ability well). No hate though, I think this is a great idea.

pretty good idea and an interesting card, I also agree the idea of 9 keys is too heavy for him. 7 or 8 keys will better (if it is 7keys, the health should be cut down a little bit) Or increase his attack making him worthy of 9 keys.