Overall problem with xp

This might be a controversial take for many, but I feel like this has to be addressed. Before I quit, I used to be in Sum of All Fears I. I felt as If I was pretty decent at the game. Later on, I was fighting players like Karth who had phobies ten to fifteen levels ahead of mine. Call it a skill issue or whatever, but I could not advance at all. A single murder wing could usually kill a jar cannon, but that interaction is gone if your murder wing isn’t upgraded. It doesn’t help that my jar cannon was a lower level as well. I couldn’t even kill a high level jar cannon with my murder wing and jar cannon combined.

I loved this game when I first started out. I loved opening packs and finding new strategies. Once you get to the higher leagues, it’s impossible to advance as a f2p without purchasing xp boosts. Xp boosts definitely help, but it still takes forever to grind to get a highly upgraded phobie. Personally, I don’t have that much time to deplete my xp rewards.

Isn’t there a mode in frenemies that allow for each player to play with level one phobies? Why can’t that just apply to the whole game in general? It solves the p2w issue of the game by providing an even playing field for both players. You can keep the tears and coffee beans. Just removing the xp and leveling up system. Stress level rewards can be based on how many phobies you have.

I know the developers need money because Phobies is a free game, but why can’t you just create cosmetics. Fortnite, Apex legends, and many other games earn money off of cosmetics. You could even create a battle pass model as long as it’s fair to the player. Players could use coffee beans to buy cosmetics or more tears for packs. I hate seeing a heavo have as much health as an alleygator. Can I get an answer on why this wouldn’t be a good solution? Is it because the developers would have to change a lot of things about the game. I know things like this take time to implement but it can’t be that bad. Buffing and nerfing are definitely needed because the Mets is so boring.

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I know how you feel. I also believe it should be removed, but you must remember; this will effect some people more than others. What happens to the people who spent cash on xp boosts? What happens to Hopeloy?

I’m sure there is a way to compensate them. You just need to convert the purchased xp or xp boosts back into coffee beans.

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Removing the levels completely will be a big problem.
I really love the game too, but now that I’m at the highest rank where I face 5-9 levels higher phobies I think I might just quit.
Maybe balancing, like at least reduce the level when fighting someone weaker.
Example: mine is level 1 & enemies are 10
At least get the enemies phobies to the average of our levels (my phobie’s level + enemy phobie’s level ÷ them by 2)
1+10 = 11. And then 11÷2 = 5.5
Then just make it 6

May I ask why removing the levels would be a big problem? is it based more around the game or the players who grinded for those levels? I think your suggestion about reducing the level when fighting someone weaker is a smart idea. I would love to see that implemented in the game.

Removing the levels would be a massive problem because some players spend hundreds, even thousands of dollars on this game. They just spend so much money that if you were to remove the levels, incredible conflicts would arise.