Poor Sportsmanship

I’ve had several experiences regarding poor sportsmanship against other players, and while I’m not sure what the solution might be - I would like to make a space to flag the behaviour

I have just completed an arena match where my opponent spent the last several rounds repeating and undoing the same action until their time ran out (instead of either proceeding with our match or resigning)

Also, as users are unable to skip the last round of combat - I have also witnessed both winners and losers take time to extend the duration of the final round for as long as possible… forcing their opponents to sit through an elongated final round of useless movements

I don’t know what to suggest as a solution, but it doesn’t seem like the game has any tools to address or bypass trolling

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What do you mean by “users are unable to skip the last round of combat”? Did this happen in arena?


I understand your concern and I’ll escalate this to the team. I’ll also be suggesting the ability to flag or report players in Arena. About the other concern you have, could you please further elaborate on that? Thanks.

:small_orange_diamond: Jimp, Moderator

@Yasinan, on IOS you can’t skip your opponents last move if it’s the final round of the async match. Is this not the same for other platforms?

Oh, ok I got it now. According to Boss, they didn’t allow the skipping of last round yet in async because its a complicated issue. They are looking to fix it after post launch

Hi Yasinan, Jupiter

You can’t skip the last turn replay on any of the platforms right now. We do plan to address it but as Jupiter mentioned it’s a bit of task to complete unfortunately due to the way the simulation works and handles the end of a game. We chose to focus on other features for launch and will get back to this and address it in a coming patch.