Terrordactyl Abyss Kill

If terrordactyl is killed while over an abyss space, the death animation freezes and doesn’t completely play. This does not stop terrordactyl from being killed, nor does it freeze the game in any way. Unsure if this applies to any other flying or resurrect ability phobies.

Addition: I am yet unsure if this will carry into further rounds or if this affects the usage of the abyss space. I will update if I have more data.

This is definitely something I can run along to the team to investigate too.

If you could and are able, could you get a copy of your log files? This guide here will show you how to obtain them:
How to REPORT A BUG - BUG REPORT / REPORT A BUG - Phobies Official Forums

Also, which device are you playing Phobies on?
Has this happened more than once?

( Bonus points if you can get a clip, too! )

I unfortunately do not have access to a computer to access my log files. I play on a OnePlus android phone. I do have more information on the glitch, however. This only occurs when a phobie with resurrect is prevented from reviving by an environment space. I had another game I just finished where Ted was killed while on lava. The lava prevented his resurrection and his animation froze halfway through. I would hazard that this occurs with any resurrect phobie when interacting with an environment space. I have also confirmed this is purely graphical and does not affect gameplay. The issue shows the round of, and in the replay of a match, but is cleared up on the next turn taken. I am unsure if this is can be seen by both players, and I am unsure if this affects the space being used in future moves (although I imagine it does not). I hope this was helpful :slight_smile:

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