Butthead bug!

its suppose that the butthead should land klepto to the abyss

Hi Orfe.

Pushback ability pushed the unit directly back from where your phobie is. In this case the klepto should push back to where bomangles is. Since that is occupied it would push to the left or right of him. Hope that helps.


50 Challenges seeing that the game pull and push mechanics always have priority to land oppontents to the abyss in the 50/50 situations and now in normal matches never works.

Please dont make tutorials with mechanics that before doesnt work.

Hi Orfe, I see what is happening, sorry I miss read your original diagram. We have to choose one of 2 paths by default it is not random or 50/50. if the unit is going to need to go one of 2 directions we default it towards the direction of where the bases (Hearts) are. So in the example above, it is going towards your base. the only way to pull Hermetic Ginsting into the pit would be to put your spider or cassorwary in the spot where ginsting landed above. Then you can ensure that he would be pulled into the pit. Blocking one of the 2 paths can be a very effective strategy to get the phobie where you want it to go.


Okay, i believe the hearts explanation is something that only developers knew. ill keep it in mind to dont make missplays again. thanks