ProBLOOMatic card

Got this button some months ago, 'been laying with all the other junk (eternal knight, cerberus, speedola, fishtank) ever since. I’m a defensive player and I dunno how to use all of “this” stuff, but I don’t want to ignore a rare card. Any tips on how to utilize the guy?

kerbloom is kind of the awkward middle of the 3 bombs, boom being the cheap one you use to ward off the opponent and kaboom being the big combo finisher. generally the bombs are better when you have setup units like le shovell, attractor etc. but they can have uses outside of that. one of my favourite ways to use kerbloom is in maoi. in maoi you can play very aggressively and use kerbloom to kind of ward opponents off as if they get close to your heart rush you can blow up the heart and the unit as well and potentially knock them into a pit.

for the other ones you listed, speedolas actually really good now post buff if you have both of them (on their own theyre still bad) and honestly two of the best cerberus maps are in rotation right now, never forever and transaction declined are quite good maps for cerb as the conveyors push him forward eternal knight im not a fan of personally but it can be useful as a cheap way to annoy people on pit maps if you dont have batula. fish tank… i keep trying to make it work, it can sometimes on maps like vile vortice or opticon but it really struggles with electrics and honestly ive just started using the speedolas instead after the buff. i hope fishy gets buffed at some point

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best use is in places where there are many holes like a sponge. if any enemies are close to the hole, either boost it with fantome, paddles, or le shovell and then push them to the hole. beware; must be used for good trades and to good phobies like maybe more keys than 3