Wich Phobies are the meta ones?

I’m new to this game and i wanted to know wich Phobies are the worth ones for upgrading, since i want to use my exp the best possible way.

It seems like there are only a few “Base Phobies”(ones that everyone has). I’ll try and mention the more obtainable Phobies in my answer.

In my opinion there aren’t any unusable phobies, but definitely some will rarely have situations to use them effectively.
Murder Wing and Jar cannon are great all around cards everyone has and should level up.
Cassowary is one of the best if not the best 2 key phobie.
Bo mangles is a strong 3 drop. Stitches is about equal to bomangles but dimensional and lower stats so slightly worse in my opinion.
Best 4-keys are probably ginsting(stress level 10 reward), Gonzo Bonzo and I would imagine Paddles, although I’ve only ran into one in challenges.
For 5-keys you have plenty of good choices, just depends what you unlock.
Lots of good 6-keys as well including klepto, Pasgetti, octo-naughty, and hematic ginsting.
Best 7-keys IMO Mr. Tramples, Brony, Heavo 2.0
I don’t have any opinions on 8 or 9 keys yet. I dont own any and don’t see them often enough to have seen there value.


Oh this is very helpful for me, i got the 5$ pack the game had yasterday and i got some interesting Phobies, mostly, allowed me to get Sheeping Gas to level 5, got Rambolina, Noxius and Misantrope (This last being my fav current tank)
i basically want to know wich of my phobies should i focus my attention on, any hint or tip could be of help!

P.D: I don’t have Bo Mangles but i have his 4 keys counterpart, Unbearable.

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Yeah, it’s a learning experience and everybody has different phobies. That’s what makes it a great game. Rambolina and Noxious are good cards. There should be enough xp to go around for most of your favorites as long as you don’t level a few that you dont like. Also 7 day xp boost is cheap, just save FTP coffee for a few days, and make sure you have time to play to get your value.
My least favorite card is cerberus because he has 1 movement and you cant heal him… for SIX keys… if you go straight to the enemy heart is the only use for him… but if you can do that then you could spawn something else and win anyway. Needless to say i stopped leveling cerberus at level 3 :grin: haha

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The Rare and UltraRare phobies that you unlock define the gameplay, Common and Uncommon sooner or later you will get them (not to upgrade and use them, its soo hard to get cards in good ones) but you will have the phobie.

About the Rare and ultrarare cards just pray for get good ones, Noxious is one of the best rare cards in the game, some people get cards like Jill and Kerbloom that are completely useless they became stuck because the game right now depends a lot of what phobie could suprise the opponent or have a really good advantage in the map.

Hopefully in the future you could choose what phobie do you want to upgrade

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I guess it depends on the bracket in which you play, pocket metas are always a thing in these card games.

However, i’d say there are a few safe bets. If i had to name a few Phobies which can carry you depending on the situations they would be:

1-2 Keys:

Razor Mouth (1 key): I dont use many 1 key phobies, but i see this one fairly often. He’s fast and sturdy enough to control some panic points.

k-9000 (2 keys): same as above, but with better health and damage.

Cassowary (2 keys): awesome phobie. I dont have it, but whenever i see it i must play quite carefully.

3 keys:

This category has plenty of poweful units. The best ones are imo Jar Cannon, Murder wing, Stabby, Spud and BoMangles. All of them are great, i personally lack BoMangles, but all these can carry your match perfectly.

4 keys:

Sheeping gas is awesome because of the poison. Hydra is so heavy and powerful, but slow. Useful if you need cheap sponges capable of invading enemy positions.

5 keys:

I can only speak about Heavo, quite tough and ranged. Staremaster and Noxious seem quite useful too, but i dont have them yet so cant be sure.

6 keys:

The obvious choices here are Klepto and Eratic. Klepto has won me plenty of games, it’s simply a great phobie.

I’ve seen Rambolina in action and it looks like an excellent choice too.

7 keys:

In this category i’ve tried only Alley Gator so far. He’s ok, but just not my cup of tea. Sparky looks quite decent too.

8 keys:

I have no 8 key phobies, but Doughzer seems quite the formidable beast.

9 keys:

I only have Smother Mother as a 9 key phobie. It’s useful but i see it as a win more card, oftentimes when i use it, i could win using other phobies too.

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I have one 8 key, Russel (the crow). I genuinely don’t know what to think of him, but the current feel is hot garbage. He has a great base attack type (AoE centered on him), but his special doesn’t feel too good. The Caw (at level ten does 254 damage per turn for 4 turns) is only good for wiping out small 1-3 key phobies and weakening larger ones, and half the time it doesn’t end up killing anything. The ability seems good at first glance for sure, but I’ve often found he’s been a waste of 8 keys. He has pitiful health- at level 10 he has 1777 health. Grimes at level 7 has 1888. A common 4 key at level 3 has 1695 health. That is absolutely terrible. Russel can’t engage in any sort of direct combat (which he needs to do seeing as his attack range is 1) without being slaughtered as he is a prime target. The only option is to stick him in a corner and wait for his ability to recharge- which if happened to attack any undead phobie, is probably already healed off. So yeah. Personally I don’t like Russel, although may others have used him to better effect.

Well i guess is mostly trial and error and as well, make sure it fits players game play style wise
I just got Sparky and haha it works very well!
Thanks for all the help guys!

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i guess that you are now in a low bracket, when you start to play in bigger maps you will notice that russel AOE poison its freaking op and can rekt the whole map.

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My go to Phobies include:

1 cost - Muffin Top
2 cost - Eternal Knight, K-2000, Cassowary
3 cost - Stabby, BoMangles, Spud, Jar Cannon, Murder Wing, Snowball
4 cost - Grimes, Sheeping Gas, Ginsting
5 cost - Miss Moffat, Psyclops, Staremaster, Fetch, (wishing I also had Heavo)
6 cost - Klepto, Eratic
7 cost - Motherload, Mr. Tramples
8 cost - couldn’t recommend any
9 cost - (wish I had the following after experiencing severe losses from them) Heavo 3.0, Beauty, Smother Mother

Would like to see how useful the Boom phobie family is, although I’m finding it harder to setup and easier to counter most of the time
Out of curiosity, haven’t encountered any trap-setting phobies in this recommendation thread. Maybe there are main users of trap-setters here and shed some light? (e.g. Uni-corn, Venus, Jeeves)

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Agree with this input. Map-wide effect is actually overpowered if you think about it.

P.S. Stop crushing me :expressionless:

Level up noxious immediately. It is a better, flying version of sheeping gas