[resolved] | Phobies range inconsistencies vs obstacles

I’ve noticed some phobies seem to treat obstacles differently then others–particularly Klepto and Jar Cannon.

The typical interaction between range and obstacles appears to be that obstacles are treated as either an extra tile for range, or range is calculated moving around the obstacle. For instance, Murder Wing and Gesundheit cannot target an enemy who is on the opposite side of an obstacle from them. The distance in that situation is 2 tiles (including obstacle) or 3 tiles if circumnavigating obstacle.

However, other phobies seem to ignore this interaction with seemingly no indicator or explanation as to why they can do so. Klepto who has a range of 2 can successfully target an enemy behind an obstacle when they are 2 tiles away (obstacle included). Other 2-range phobies literally can’t target Klepto back.

Jar Cannon appears to be a similar case. If a target is 3 tiles away (obstacle included–4 tiles if circumnavigating obstacle), Jar Cannon can hit them where seemingly he shouldn’t be able to. He can even fire over multiple obstacles without them having any effect on his targeting.

Are these range inconsistencies a bug or a feature? I’m losing many games because ranged phobies are hitting me when they seemingly shouldn’t be able to.

both klepto and jar cannon has lob type attack you can see in their card they have bending arrow beside their attack instead of straight one


Me imagino que eres nuevo, te explico, pues klepto y jar cannon pueden atacar sobre muros, también hay otras fobias que atacan de esta forma por ejemplo heavo, spud, chuck, heavo 2.0 y heavo 3.0. Te recomiendo que si no conoces la forma de ataque de una fobia primero mires si tiene o no la flecha doblada, así te será muchisimo mas facil ya que es una característica de algunas fobias.

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So this is an intended feature! :frowning_with_open_mouth: I suppose it is not a glitch then, ty for the info.

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