Question of the day!

Very good my beautiful players!

A question that bothers me a lot I come to ask you!!

What Phobie do you want to see added to our beautiful game?

We are very interested in this, use your imagination and terrify us!!



Dentophobia and Pyrophobia

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A zombie dentist?
Or a dentist room?

The map would be entertaining!

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That it would opponent

Hydrophobia! Could be similar to Quagmire, but with water instead of slime.

Nose papu
La verda nose xdxd

Usa tu imaginación amigo :sunglasses:

Algophobia(fear of pain)

Philophobia / Fear of Love

The character should be a Zombie cursed cupid doll that shoot love arrows :thinking:
Her special will be “Move on”, push one enemy away for 2 tile :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Fear of Fears / Phobophobia
Functions similar to the mirror from clash royale, lets you summon a card that already died again but with lowered stats.
would be a very cool addition imo


I hope this doesn’t come off as a meme answer, but I think Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia/The fear of long words, would be very intersting to see!

Also thought one base in the fear of books or school would be cool

Fobialord um monstro na verdade uma fase de Boss seria um monstro de três cabeças de crocodilo tipo o lobo de três cabeças

I think since you guys have other cryptids and myths (baba yaga,freaking leprechaun,brony and aliens)you should check out some ittan momen,a yokai said to look like a strip of cotton that strangles those that are simply unfortunate.or personally something like the nuckelavee from Norse I believe,a demon that looks like a mans torso grafted to the top of a horse,take note this doesn’t look like it has any flesh.i think it says it is just a demon ment to spread disease.
Also maybe a wendigo just cause it’s badass native folklore.

P.S.its good seeing some devs that care about their fan base.

What about a vampire? You gotta have a classic vampire. Nosferatu type even

lawyers are scary they could steal points lol id hate to make suggestions cause i havent seen all of yer monsters yet but you gotta have a hockey dude slasher guy

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Definitely need a hockey guy. Epic

A military zombie sniper

A train monster that can move obstacles

That sounds like a great idea