Release 1.9 Phobie Balancing *Mid-Game*?!

Hi Phobies team,

My recommendation/request is the next time you are going to release updates to phobies’ stats and abilities you find a way to introduce the changes so they don’t affect games currently in play. I couldnt be sure how challenging that would be to implement. Yet I have over 30 games running right now in asynch mode and I have a number of turns pending that are now majorly affected by the balancing changes and my strategy is negatively impacted.

One big one being cupcake - which side note, I think the balancing of delaying the ability one turn after summoning was a bad move.

Also, side note, I’ve only gotten two new phobies from the past like 16 Dreadful packs. Many of my phobies are level 19-21 and it takes a very long time to build up the level of new phobies to where they’re even playable. So the lack of use of certain phobies could be because they’re leveled so low - and the longer you play the game (I’ve been playing almost two years I think) the longer it takes to get new phobies and the longer it takes to build them up. So you should look into balancing the stats of how often seasoned players get new phobies from Dreadful packs. There are some great phobies out there I still haven’t opened. And once I do, they’ll be unplayable for months because their levels will be too low for the level of competition I’m at.

Added an edit to say Kudos on the hard work of doing so many balancing updates. It’s not a task I think you all take lightly and a lot of good changes in there.

…yet Cupcake :cupcake: was a great aspect to the game to be wary of and strategize for/against.

I agree that the stat changes for units while in-game are kind of weird (were surprised to see my Gonzo buffed a bit less in one of the async’s), but cupcake needed a nerf for sure. That thing was disgustingly powerful and unpredictable, the only players that liked it were the ones that owned it (and even some of those wanted it nerfed). Even after the nerf it’s still going to be a strong unit…
Not only was it unbalanced, but it was also suuuuuuuuuuuper unfun.

Also yea, packs suck - But it’s been that way for years now :sweat_smile:

Completely agree, cupcake was just unfun to play against, any kind of interesting move you could make in the game could be punished by some annoying cupcake play combined with aoe

Retroactive balance changes are kinda weird but then again it also makes sense in a way