Release notes 1.0.1

Our latest update addresses some launch-window bugs.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue with matchmaking preventing valid users from matching against each other in some circumstances
  • Fixed various server errors related to rejoining Arena Battles
  • Fixed various potential crash issues related to server errors
  • Fixed a server issue that could cause insufficient funds to be improperly reported during purchase attempts
  • Fixed a potential softlock issue during chapter 4 store segment
  • Fixed a potential softlock during app reconnect when suspending/resuming
  • Fixed a potential crash issue when launching the app
  • Fixed a potential crash issue related to audio manager
  • Fixed an issue that could cause background audio not to load if Control/Notification Centers are opened on a loading screen
  • Fixed an issue with cut-off audio after reconnecting from a suspend state
  • Fixed an issue with Phobie movement sounds looping after suspending/resuming
  • Fixed an issue with home screen wallet amounts not updating after a reconnect
  • Fixed a null reference that could occur when declining a Frenemies game
  • Fixed a messaging/reward issue with amount of tears included in Daily Double
  • Fixed an issue with Daily Double not properly extending caps
  • Fixed an issue with Daily Double popup timing
  • Fixed an issue related to server and Arena desyncing
  • Fixed an issue with the Fire Ant Phobie causing User 2 to crash when its ability is used
  • Fixed an issue that could cause error pop-ups to appear upon game completion
  • Fixed an issue that could lead to failure to send recovery codes
  • Adjusted the text input field on Referral Redemption and Bind with Email screens for better visibility
  • Updated game credits and fixed an error