Release Notes 1.3.1

The newest update to Phobies has arrived! Update 1.3.1 includes a variety of balancing improvements and critical fixes for the game.



  • In order to address some balancing issues, we’ve adjusted the number of duplicate cards that we award in all card packs.
  • Duplicate quantities are based on card rarity to ensure more balanced upgrade levels across the board.

Bug Fixes:


  • Fixed a server error that could be caused by the server calling details from a finished game.
  • Fixed a network error that could occur when dismissing the Bind Email pop-up during the tutorial.
  • Fixed a server error that could occur when attacking enemy hearts or killing an opponent’s final Phobie.


  • Fixed an issue that could cause players to get stuck in a loop after entering an alias if their network connection was lost at a specific point.


  • Fixed an issue that could block account progress if quest rewards were displayed at login.


  • Fixed a visual issue where an opposing player’s avatar could turn pink and battle logs could disappear when battle logs were viewed.
  • Fixed an issue that caused incorrect stats to show for opponent Phobies when their cards were tapped during gameplay.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing a “not enough keys” message to appear when tapping an opponent’s keyhole.
  • Fixed an incorrect time format that was appearing when less that 2 minutes were remaining until a Jacks reset.

Our big summer update is on the horizon, with new Phobies and features to enjoy - stay tuned!

Happy battling,

The Phobies Team