[Server Issue Alert] Internal Server Errors

Hello Phobies Wranglers,

We received lots of reports from players experiencing “Internal Server Errors” while playing the game.

Our team is already aware of that this is happening and are now working on fixing this issue as soon as they can.

We shall update you all again on the progress. Hoping for your patience and understanding.

~ CM NekoRei

Hey, the season is ending today and im a couple games away from upgrading my season reward from silver to gold. Do you think the server will be fixed soon? Ive beeen playing non stop for 2 full days to get the gold pack and will be very very upset if the season ended when im like 3 games away froom hitting 168 games to get the gold pack. I know its not your fault but i just want to know

The "Internal Server Errors’ report issue is now fixed. You can now go back in-game and play!

We apologize for the inconvenience caused.

~ CM NekoRei

It’s fixed now, you should be able to play again. :slight_smile: