Signal lost

Hello phobias, I noticed the following bugs: in gameplay sometimes when you click on a monster. its metrics(points)are colored black instead of white. So it’s hard to see them well and I click several times on the sides and the corresponding monster… And the second more serious bug is that in real-time gameplay. when the connection drops and you reconnect there is no reconnect button. You directly lose. This is not good at all and it is not pleasant,everyone has lost signal for a moment. The game is very good, the best I have come across, I would suggest some ideas if you are open to them.Keep it up and I guess you’ll soon be in the top games in the world. Greetings.

For the first issue, if it’s missing or discoloured text from normal, our team is aware and is working to have a fix for that as soon as they are able! :slight_smile:

Regarding the second issue. Could you please create a ticket over on so we can collect some information and logs from you. Once we have that information, our team will be able to investigate this!

We will need your:

  • Account Name:
  • Device & Version/OS
  • Issue Description

You can create a ticket on under #request-support :slight_smile: