Devs, fix this now!

For some damn reason, the text keep magically disappearing in Phobies! I can’t even play the game because of this! So maybe instead of adding new content to this broken shit pile of a game, you can, oh I don’t know, FIX THIS HORSESHIT!

Damn, someones not in a good mood

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Someone’s getting a bit :sparkles: ANGYYYY :sparkles: and why tf are you calling it a pile of shit? Just dont play it, then

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We’re incredibly sorry for the trouble and inconvenience that this has caused you.
Could you please submit a ticket over on under #request-support?

We can have our team look into this for you.
We will need your in-game name, device/os, and your log files within the ticket.
How to REPORT A BUG - This guide will show you how to obtain your log files and share them once you have a ticket open.

Once again, I empathize entirely and apologize for the trouble it has caused. We’ll have our team investigate this as soon as a ticket is submitted.