Skip last turn replay

Quality of life improvements

Let us skip the replay of the last turn.

Most of the time we already know the outcome of the game and if not we dont have to watch it.

It can be quite annoying especially after already lost game.

This is something that should be an option. And it is easy to implement.

Hey Lekistra!

Are you referring to enemy turns with ASYNCH mode?

If so, there should be a skip button that you can click.

Hey Chu, The developers have not thought of a button that speeds up the replay?
That would be interesting, I think it would be better than clicking on the screen to skip turn by turn.

Im refering to the last turn of the game that is unskippable every other replay you can skip

Hmm. That’s a good question for sure. :thinking:
I will keep this in my notes and bring it up with them.

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Ah fair enough, pardon my misunderstanding. I’ll note this as well.