Async is not replaying the opponents moves

Dear Dev Team,

As of an hour ago, whenever I go to play one of my async matches, it immediately goes into my turn rather then show me my opponents last moves. It’s very annoying. However, I’ve just been going into the replay match selection before taking my turn, it takes more time then I’d like so if we could get a fix that would be fantastic!

Thank you,


It appears that some games are not having this issue, my first 5 however did.

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Had the same issue. I wonder if this was because of the Easter Jacks promo event.

I recall some staff members talking about replays not playing if it was from a previous update so in this case, so turns might be from before the easter event started.

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Me too. It always used to, but today I had the same issue too. But I didn’t really mind it because I always skip them :slight_smile:

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This was due to the news update. It shouldn’t do that unless there is a sim change. We are looking into it. Thanks for the report.