So uhhh… when are we getting a non-mechanical 9 key?

Honestly it’s kinda annoying that there’s 3 mechanical 9 keys and just one of the other three.

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I know right? ive been batting for a second undead 9 key for a while now. I really hope they add one

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As someone who’s a big fan of the huge units I really wish they would make more 8 and 9 keys, and maybe also some lower rarity ones - I don’t really see why they all need to be Ultra Rare’s tbh.
I’d personally love a big undead T-Rex with the same kind of resurrect thing that Terrordactyle has or even a big undead mammoth (we already have a saber-tooth tiger in Daisy, so would make sense.
Could also totally see a monster that is like a giant sandworm / hellworm (like a giant version of suckee with bypassing movement or something) as a monster.
Honestly they could also throw a Siren Head in there if they really wanted to.

Giant monsters are awesome. :stuck_out_tongue:

I feel like undead are underrated, I never see them get used as much.

So ye wanna see a giant hellworm do ye?

Well say hello to gertrude
When she kills somethin she swallows it and recovers 80% of total hp the unit has
Simple, yet nice

Funny how half of the 9 key mechs counter eachother

Is that just funny to me orrrrrrrr

They have a lot of strong counters and honestly a lot of them arent as good as the top units in other races, in most tier lists they have the least amount of presence at the top. There are plenty if strong ones, but pretty much all of them arent as strong as your top level monsters mechs and dimensionals

I honestly believe the strongest undead is still gravedigger. With cassowary and goon being the only ones that could be argued to be above gravedigger

Yesss, this is the kind of thing I meant, only I would have it be a 9 key and even bigger (because like the topic says - We want more 9 keys :smiley: )

I very much agree, I think Gravedigger is by far the best one - My top 5 undeads would probably be:

  1. Gravedigger
  2. Murder Wing
  3. Cassowary
  4. Goon
  5. Creep

Kind of wish we had some stronger high-key ones, I mean stuff like Chuck or Terrordactyle have their uses - But they don’t really feel as great as a lot of the other big bois… :sweat_smile:

Well i had this idear a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG time ago, before even frosty came along, i just had random ideas like this then

Wait what? Daisy is a saber tooth? It looks like a monkey or sum

Nope it’s a sabor tooth, don’t worry I used to think it was a dog when I first saw it.

I think the undeads are actually the strongest race cuz their trait is the best in
"quick-time "combat (cuz both the mechanicals’ and dimensionals trait has impact on enemy’s turn and dependant on enemy’s action, while leech is activated by you) and they are also not as vulnerable to the disease as dimensionals(i’m not saying they are better at handling disease) , because both the disease and the undead can’t be healed, but they can counter the disease (and poison) damage simply by hitting anything. Sorry for such a long essay at a whole different topic, just wanted to present my opinion on races

P.s. Also, I think that the dimensionals are the weakest class

Dimensional and Undead are my favorite
Dimensional is very situational

Again it depends on how you define ‘strongest race’ undeads effect is good but undead units are heavily balanced around this and so undead units dont have the numbers other races get. They also lack a lot of effects like pullers displacers etc. and have a low amount of splash and are damage. The problem with this is that all the effects i just listed are extremely good and are usually what make top units top units, so undead not having them makes undead not really have any top units.
also they have 6 units dedicated to team synergy gimmicks, and while ted and jill are fine, the jackalopes are really bad lol.

Dimensionals typically get very gimmicky units with weird effects so they kinda gravitate towards either being terrible or busted. Theres plenty of place to argue that dimensionals are actually the best race, because they have the highest number of nerfs of any race with beauty being nerfed twice, bluelien being nerfed twice, akira, boss and fantome being nerfed once.

I’m talking about race effects here, not abilities, but by now, the undead are the only ones with resurection mechanic which also matches up with their gimmick. In fact, leech sinergizes with literally anything, like aoe attacks, self-initiated aoe attaks, damage buffs etc, while dimensionals’ post-death attack only reflects base damage without any modifiers(electric damage, buffing, poison/fire) and can only be initiated by death from direct attacks of the oponent and can’t be initiated by traps, lava, poison…Also, dims’ weakness compared to mechanicals is that poison and disease are also used against both monsters and undead, while electricity seems like a really weird game mechanic, being just raw numbers to 3/4 for all cards, which in return makes mechanicals actually balanced, for their electric counters aren’t used most of the time, while poison and disease phobies are used regulary even with no dimensionals on the field

Its why i said it depends how you define strongest, obv undead has the best passive effect, but the units are balanced to generally be worse as a result.
Also i feel like dimensionals weaknesses are massively oversold, poison isnt a weakness 90% of the time, and disease has only become viable recently because they keep buffing it.
if youre thinking purely on effect i think the answer is honestly mechs, sure electricals arent a crippling weakness but poison and disease immunity isnt a major strength, and most mechs rely on generally having very good stats

Only poisoner that consistently counters dimensionals is poison ivy, because the poison triggers as soon as the trap activates