Stuck interface element

Bug description: an interface element stuck on the screen appears when entering the Challenges menu and does not disappear when going to the general menu and back again.

Bug reproduction:
1Step.Open Game
2Step.Collapse the game
3Step.Open Game
4Step.Go to menu more
5Step.Go to chelenges

Environment: Google pixel 6a, android 14 UPB5, game version 1.7.1289.0.

Attachments: Attached are 3 screenshots.

Hey there!

Is the interface stuck for you still? Have you tried other devices?

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If you close the game completely everything is fine, but if you repeat the steps I described, everything will happen again. Also in 1294 version.
Only on the Pixel 6a of the devices available to me.
This does not happen on Realme C11 2021, Essential phone.

Thank you for the information!
Definitely quite interesting.

Are you able to share your logs with our team at
How to REPORT A BUG - BUG REPORT / REPORT A BUG - Phobies Official Forums

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