Post any known bugs here.

If it is not a crash, hang, freeze, or network error just post a topic with the following information. Add any screen captures or videos that might illustrate what the problem is. Sometimes it is hard to know what you did to get the bug to happen so just add as much information as you can.

Username: (Write down your username)
Platform: (What platform are you playing the game on? For instance, iOS, Android or Steam, and what device are you playing on - model)

Bug Description: (Describe your issue in detail here, also mention in which area the bug is occurring. For example: Gameplay, Store, etc)

For crashes, hangs, freezes, or network errors, it’s better to send us the log files from the device, along with the information needed above.

How to get Logs?


To get logs from Steam go to:

C:\Users[YOUR NAME]\AppData\Roaming\SmokingGunInteractive\Phobies\Logs.

It should look like this:


To get the logs for Android plug your Android device into your PC.

Go to:

This PC[DEVICE NAME]\Internal shared storage\Android\data\com.smokingguninc.phobies\files\logs

It should look like this:


To get the iOS log plug your device to your PC and open iTunes.

  • Go in to iTunes and select the device.
  • Now select Apps in File Sharing.
  • Scroll down and select the Phobies icon.
  • You will see a list of monster iOS logs.

It should look like this:

Copy the log files and add them to the bug report topic here.

Thank you all for participating in the Friends and Family playtest. I hope you all have fun!

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