Tear pack odds

Greetings! What are the chances of getting a rare/ultra-rare phobie in tear packs?

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I second that. Want to know the drop rates of NEW common, uncommon, rare and ultra-rare phobies for the different tear packs


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Why is there no reply to this?

This is even an item linked to real money payments. It’s compulsory in certain areas or on certain stores to publish the odds for loot crates, but even if not, it’s just a matter of treating players correctly.

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Yeah I think not displaying odds is legit illegal in some areas.

Hey all! I already shared this thread to our design team and I encouraged them to respond to this thread. :slight_smile:

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I don’t know if it’s just me but I’ve been having terrible luck with my tear packs recently.

Out of my 6 tear packs (3 frightening packs - 2000 tears each, 3 scary packs - 3000 tears each), I pulled zero new Phobies :frowning:

That is a total of 15,000 tears spent, or 50 win games.

It is not easy to accumulate tears. Winning games guarantees you 300 whereas losses vary.

I know the design team compensates no new pulled Phobies with a large number of upgrade cards and XP. But seriously those are nothing compared to a new Phobie.

Right now I have tons of upgrade cards which I do not really have much use for because it gets exponentially more expensive to upgrade phobies and my XP cannot keep up.

Every time I complete all my daily jack boxes (all 9), I use my tears and hope to at least pull a new phobie so that I can spread the odds of getting upgrade cards for the new phobie from the jack boxes. But alas, it is just so difficult to get a new phobie via tear packs.

That is why I (and all the rest here) want to know exactly the odds of getting new phobies for the different tear packs. So that I can take calculated risks when deciding between the different packs (although I still cannot believe I pulled none in all my previous 6 attempts. The odds must be really low).

If the whole point of this game is to try and collect Phobies, why make it so difficult, especially for players who do not want to spend a lot of money (or none at all)? It is simply frustrating.

Sigh, I really love this game and play it everyday. The game mechanics are really well-designed with interesting phobies and powers. But at this rate, I think I might quit the game soon :frowning:


@Nevergoodbye Great points! :clap:

I just noticed that for the coffee packs there is an info icon which details the odds and everything else, but that’s not available for the free packs :thinking: . I agree 100% with you that is vital to make calculated risk taking, i hope they add this info eventually.

La verdad , es que es una verdadera lastima que los paquetes de lágrimas te den una baja probabilidad de obtener otra phobies , así sea poco común el juego está excelente pero si esto sigue así las personas se irán aburriendo de que sea tan difícil subir las cuatro o cinco cartas que tienen solución a esto ya !


Todo depende de tu suerte al parecer.
Yo casi siempre que abro un pack de lágrimas de 3K siempre obtengo una phobia nueva.

Aunque los developers deberĂ­an agregan un % de cada categorĂ­a en los packs de cartas, Creo que esto ya ha sido sugerido varias veces.

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