Tear Pack New Phobies Chance

I’m curious if anyone has figured out the rough odds of pulling a new Phobies, whether it be common/uncommon/rare/ultra rare, from each of the tear packs. Currently I’m at:

1/8 for Scary Packs (24,000 tears)

I’m starting to believe the most expensive pack isn’t the best for new pulls (even Commons). How has everyone else faired? Are the odds just astronomically low for all tear packs?

The gameplay is really fun but things have begun to feel a little stale playing with the same beginning phobies for almost 2 weeks now. Maybe I’ve angered the RNGods somehow lol

1/8 for a scary pack you are really lucky!

So if that’s normal and the rate of pulling an ultra-rare is the same as the Terrifying Pack (1/110) then it will only take 4.8 years playing to the daily tear cap to get your first ultra-rare!

Gotta respect the grind I guess.