The Beans you get From Ads

Today Fr, 26.Jan 09:45 i waited since yesterday evening to get reseted For some new beans i could earn with watching ads…it now…after Countdown Ended it’s say tobwait For 23h and some min… (i thought i could earn 15-25beans per Day with ads…but now…they Bug me out of it???
(And this wasn’t the first Time this happened…@ least the 4 or 5th Time…l wouldn’t write Support just because of one or two fails…
Hope this Problem resolves fast and don’t come Back so fast again -.-

Okey sorry…after refreshing the Game…it somehow worked and let me get Beans…and now only 2h Wait Like normal…might have solved it self…but hope it don’t happens again…because i almost everyday wenn’s get my free Beans contingent…and get bugged out of it is not nice…
Habe a nice Day ^^

Hi, it was probably a visul bug, thats why when you refresh it was fixed automatically.

That is most likely the case as mentioned above.
If it does happen again, please definitely let us know! We’ll keep an eye out from you!