Shop bug/did not get pack after buying

Just bought a 300 beans pack and it failed to give me the pack but still took the 300 beans. Will i get a refund? Ive spent money on this game, but if there is no refund, id like to uninstall and get my money back from my past purchases.

Hey there!

Sorry to hear that you’ve had some trouble.
Could you email the following information to our team so we can look into this for you?

  • in-game name
  • proof of purchase
  • name of item purchased
  • date and time of transaction
  • device used, OS and OS version
  • reason for requesting item replacement
  • include a video/screenshot/or full details of bug if you think that the item is bugged
  • email address

Our contact email:

I was actually given the pack after restarting phone and app. Sorry for the inconvenience! But should get that bug checked because i dont think im the only one.

That’s no worries at all!
Was it just recently purchased shortly after or before the maintenance? That may have been a reasoning for the delay. Apologies for that.