The pros and cons of phobies

This is my personal opinion about phobies right now, so if you have your own opinion about this game just leave your opinion.

Ok so lets start with the pros first.

  1. Art style : Phobies has a veru unique art style and i like it. Its very dreamy which makes sense because it takes in your subconsious.

  2. The variety of cards : Phobies has a lot of cards and that’s good as it allows you to experiment with new combination and strategies which will help you in winning matches.

  3. Event rewards : Phobies has some pretty good rewards in event that will help you in unlocking new phobies or upgrading good cards to become even better.

Gameplay : Phobies is a very straight forward game its basically just sending out phobies the fight the enemy phobies which is pretty easy for new players to understand the ins and outs.

So were done with the pros, now lets move forward to the cons.

  1. Matchmaking : Phobies matchmaking is not the best, as it will either match you with someone who is lower than you or higher that in level and skill which is not good because for the one that is lower level player its not fair and for the higher level player its just not fun. So my advice is to improve the matchmaking and match player’s with the same skill level.

  2. New phobie odds : The odds of phobies in card packs is pretty wack like the phobies them self as 90% of the time it will probably give upgrade cards even tho the chances for new phobies show’s that its 60% in terrifiying packs atleast. So my advice is to give more compensation for not getting any new phobies than more upgrade cards and xp, like maybe 5% of the coffee you spent you will get back which will help in opening packs which that give you new phobies.

  3. A f2p friendly enviorment : Ah yes the f2p friendly experience, even tho i am a tiny bit of a p2p i can speak for the f2p that phobies is not very f2p friendly, basically the more you spend the more you have a advantage you have against your enemies but if you spend less or don’t spend anything at all the more of a disadvantage you have in matches so my advice is to balance the f2ps vs the p2w in phobies and just be more f2p friendly.

After all of that said i think phobies is a very fun game to relieve stress after a day of school or work.
May rating : 7.5 razor mouths out of 10 bad omens.


I agree with what u say. Especially for the p2p, as a f2p myself i find the rewards for the events quite outrageous when u see the difference between the free version and the p2p one. It’s more like a clash royal approch of the game by seeking max marketing gain.

I would also add the fact that some of the design are a bit disapointing such as blondie or hematic ginsting, the studio has Shown us their amazing talent in producing creative and wonderful design like cerberus, orge, snow ball etc and i find it’s sad when they just change the color for a new phobie. It’s ok if they put work in it like for Chuck and high-five but i really dislike electricat design

Pretty much agree with you its kinda boring to see only a color change, not even a design change just seems like they are very lazy even tho they could do and i forgot to metion the daily cap which is the worse way of monetazation limiting the grind to only 1500 tears and only 100 coffee is stupid there should be a better way of monetazation than limiting f2p players ability to grind and even tho im kinda a p2p i still feel your pain being a f2p is hard

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