Thoughts about Brutewurst?

funny sausage guy? he looks like another Bad Sushi. I think we should just buff it to 2 range.

I got brutewurst and have been trying it out in both friendlies and on ladder in multiple different builds and in multiple different strategies. I have now won 1 game with it after 14 consecutive losses, this 1 game I could’ve easily won with cerb hydra or any other juggernaut.

I’m going to keep experimenting with it just so the team gets data on it but I think brutewurst is really bad and I think it needs a buff. The disease is extremely low for how awkward brutewurst is to use, ive gotten 14 keys worth of phobies hit with a brutewurst and still lost cause theyre only taking 350 a turn and can easily just steamroll you before that matters. the stats are bad for a juggernaut, its got 500 less health and 200 less damage than a hydra while being 6 keys, and the disease is difficult to use in a hydra style build because they’re designed to close out the game quickly.
depending on how you play it, its either a worse smiley or a worse hydra, I wish it just had something going for it

Lo recomendaría usar con lee shovel, así gana utilidad. Yo lo conseguí en marzo, ahora en abril lo he estado utilizando y lo considero una fobia aceptable, porque tiene buena vida