My first dreadful pack

After 4, maybe 5, months of waiting I finally bought THE pack; Bad sushi is just bad but tick can be useful.
What’s your opinion?


Mmmmmm, id say its a flop, but maybe you can find use of both of them, maybe through a lot of match whatching and understanding how to use them

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For an average dreadful pack? It’s good. Not too good, but it could definitely be worse.
For your first dreadful? Buttcheeks. Sorry mate, but if tick is your UR pull and you got Bad Sushi, it ain’t looking too good… :sweat_smile:

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I have come to save the daaaaaay, very good news to you, tick is having a MOBILITY buff, lucky lucky you

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They’re also reworking bad sushi

Its ok, tick is fine but bad sushi is trash
Also still better than a kaboom

Also here is the dreadful pack tierlist

If you get kaboom, sockassin, leshy or morty than feel free to quit or reroll because there all dogwater you need to be a top tier arena player for the phobie to be good like i’ve never seen kaboom and only saw 1 sockassin in all my matches and 2 mortys so there trash and 0 leshy

If you get edgar, tick, frosty, furnaceface, radihater, russell, doughzer, strich, jeeves and chuck than your pack is average there not the best but still usable

If you get boss, beauty, grimes, heavo 3.0 or the rest than congrats because they are pretty good

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Kaboom and sockassin are both good units. I recommend you check out ANDA on youtube, they have a ton of videos showing how you can use kaboom to do all kinds of crazy things, units like attractor and akira and even new units theyve added like le shovell and fantome make kaboom very powerful if you know how to use it.
Sockassin is a solid 1 key, its poison is a substantial threat that wards enemies off and it can often force a healer while capping a point. It is a rather boring ultra rare so i get why people dont like it, but it isnt a bad one.
Mortys not useless, it is quite situational, its mostly a heartrush phobie, used for getting to the heart quickly and doing a lot of damage, it gets picked off pretty easily though so you gotta be careful. It also combos well with brony.
Leshy…… yeah its in a dire spot. It can occasionally be used to counter russell but its very weak.

Ik but to do that you need things like akira or expellor and also sockassin is still trash its the worst of them all bad design no health and poison damage is so outdated just use a clinico and your good, also what is he gonna do against a boss? Its design is trash and it also feels like just a upgraded henrietta its very bad kaboom needs some carries like akira and morty squishy for what it is there bad very bad for a UR if they were a uncommon or rare they would be better but a UR that has squishy health is bad like they can’t even get to A tier they just stay in mediocre tier like C which is bad and also what im looking for in a ultra rare is its value like a beauty what the frick am i gonna do with a black bomb that can get 1 shotted before even doing something, like the main problem with them is they need alot of carry like a akira or actually good phobies to do something and also have you experienced pain before? like being a f2p and getting a sockassin like for you,you won that one competition but for us we get scraps we F2P grind are butt off just for a Dreadful and for it to be shitty one keys is sad that is the same as getting nothing because it so useless 0 worth and power sockassin only serves as a meatshield like i know ANDA is good with kaboom but again he has akira and other good phobies i would even say i love leshy more because its design is a 9/10 unlike sockassin who looks like it was drawn in 2 minutes its so bad and boring at the same time. So yeah if i get a sockassin then i quit because its bad just golden garbage complete dogwater

Boring? Yes. Bad? No. Youve gotta bear in mind it is a 1 key, no 1 key is gonna be able to deal with a boss on its own, sockassin is actually a staple unit in a lot of hyper aggressive strategies. Top players use it consistently in things such as the triple 1 key strategy where you run 3 1 keys to capture all 3 points on a small map, then keep control of them and rush the opponent down as fast as possible. Sockassin is great there cause it makes it really hard to bring out undeads and sockassin can easily force early healing units which are slow and put the opponent behind, in these games sockassin is actually a substantial threat, and its cheap cost means it doesnt really matter if you lose it. there are top players like karst who use sockassin a lot and honestly i see a pretty decent amount of sockassin at top ladder and it feels decently strong. It is boring though and i understand players frustration with getting it instead of a less flashy UR

Ik but this is from a early to mid game standpoint at that point of the game getting a sockassin is sad because in that point of the game it is dominated by boss if you got a ultra rare that is good you can win matches more easily but if you get a let’s just say not the greatest UR than your chances are going to be the same with no carry like attractor