What do you think is the worst rare?

For me its blue, low health and also very small debuff doesn’t help at all only on rare occasions its either him or rusty i can’t decide but there probably the most useless and worst phobies and before you say “this top 20 player can use blue or rusty” Idc they are built different we as normal players can’t use them because there almost unusable so there sliver garbage

either jackalope king or zomboni

Okay ummmm i wont complain much about blue but uhhhh how do i say this… rusty is now useful cuz hes a 1 key and not 2 keys, and before you say “rustys bad cuz he can only catch panic points and cant use hus ability” or something like that, bro, thats literally the point of most 1 keys, i saw u say that cowbell is crap when someone got it in a pack, like DUDE, THEIR 1 KEY, WHAT DO YOU EXPECT THEM TO DO THEN BE PANIC POINT CONTROL

Yea ever since Rusty turned 1 key I’ve been seeing them much more often (and losing some times)

Jackalope king can get very useful when having all three jackalopes together with them. Zomboni is a decent AOE healer due to it can leech enemy health (I’d understand if you’re only healing one phobie then yea it would be useless)

Thats the thing with the jackalopes, if you want all of them it gets expensive considering it costs 9 keys for all three and the king, and the stats arent even that great, even with the ressurrection, and it takes up needed room for if you want something else

Ok i get why ppl dont like blue cause its kinda a situational aoe trap, but buffed rusty? Buffed rusty is awesome! I dont need to point to a top player who uses it, most people who have it use it, its awesome buffed. Its one of the best 1 keys in the game.

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Id personally stick with jackalope king. The total stat dump between the three jackalope kings just isnt worth it, spending 9 keys on 4 melee units is not what you wanna be doing, and they dont even have that good stats to make up for it, its like 425 attack and 500 health on a 2 key…. Eh…
Jackalope king only really gets used when you already have another jackalope out for an entirely different reason and just happen to need to buff to kill something, and thats super rare