Trap trigger bug?

I knew a panic point had a trap on it, so I had my unicorn set a second trap to neutralize the trap. On that same turn, since I thought the trap is already neutralized, I moved my murder wing onto the panic point. At the end of the turn, my trap got neutralized AND the opponent’s trap triggered, damaging my murder wing.

Is this intended mechanics or is this a bug? In my opinion, this is a bug… either one of the following should have happened:

  1. Both traps should get neutralized without murder wing getting damaged
  2. Opponent’s trap triggers, murder wing gets damaged, but my trap should not be triggered

Otherwise, as is currently the case, the opponent’s trap is getting DOUBLE value while the trap I set has no value whatsoever.

Hey there! Do you have a clip of this happening so we can see what may have happened? :slight_smile:

Here is a link to a video clip:

https:// drive . google . com / file/d/1WQoQWnpyi-6VwncOBlGtcQozJg5WANrF/view?usp=sharing

EDIT: I don’t have permission to post links, so I needed to add spaces to my link.

i don´t know if is a glich or a feacture but is normal, the trap if detect any except mud is activated, normaly the players use the traps to trigger enemy traps but Fire Ant and Baba Jaga have AoE; and can hurt close phobies. The Mud realy disable the traps but can not destroy them.

I’ll have my colleague check out the video see what they are able to provide with more insight!

I do believe this is by design but I’ll gather some clarity from them!

Thank you! Please follow up with their response.

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