Vendy as phobie!

Screenshot 2024-06-07 at 14.33.13
You know what would be cool…Vendy as a Phobie!!!

Keys: 7
Type: Monster or Dimensional
Ultra Rare
Health: 2000
Attack: 400 all-round close range
Movement: 2

Ability: Dimented (like Dimension and Demented combined)
Distance: 3
Turn-around: 3
Becomes available after 1 turn
Grabs a phobie and traps it into his portal belly system for two turns, then spits it out with 3 steps distance with 300 damage if still alive. If Vendy is killed, the swallowed phobie immediately replaces Vendy. Can only hold 1 phobie.
You can strategize, for instance if Vendy is 3 steps behind an abyss, the phobie will fall into the abyss. Will also be affected with poison/disease if the phobie lands on them.

I always kinda thought that vendy would be a buffer/healer type phobie not really much of a attacker though.