New phobie idea #2: WormWhole


Unit race: Dimentional
Card type: Uncommon
Key cost: 6

Stats on level 1:

  • Health: 1400
  • Walking movement: 1
  • Beam Attack Range: 2
  • Attack damage: 350

Special ability: I’m spaceal!

  • Special Bypassing range: 4
  • Cooldown time: 3
  • Duration: 2 turns
    Upon activating, WormWhole can move 4 tiles just like Clobster, however once it’s done it will create a portal in both ends of the trajectory. If a friendly or enemy phobie steps into one of the portals, it will be transported and come out in the other side. If you step in the portal with movements left (for example, the portal is right next to your tile and your movement range is of two;) you will continue your move left in any direction after crossing it. Damage cannot be dealt through the portal.

I’ve enjoyed drawing these lately, this one is based on Scoleciphobia (fear of worms), not very original but there wasn’t exactly a fear of wormholes there xd. I’d like to hear your thoughs!


I love your creation very well done​:+1::+1:

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bro nice drawings… .

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Love your new Phobie ideas :slight_smile:

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