Help me here

It’s impossible to get past Joshua(bot), who keeps appearing all the time when I’m going to play a game. Can someone help me?

Hey @Djambapika The AIs are being tweaked in the next release, to get rid of Joshua you will have to get a rating past 1750 for the time being, sorry for the inconvenience :grin:

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Really? I was at 2100 and he was still showing up. @Cats

Was he? it is confirmed by a staff member that after reaching 1750 in ratings you aren’t able to match up with AIs anymore

Oh sorry I got confused, but can you at least give me some tips so I can get past it? I was at Rank 500 and now I’m at 1100 just because of this bot. @Cats

Hey Djambapika! Our Discord is a great way to share tips! Have you joined it?

Strategy planning, leveling up your Phobies, and consistent play will definitely help!

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