Please add a way to exchange phobies

Its simple the game right now its full RNG about what phobies you got, and will be cool if could focus in your favorite phobies or teams. The exchange could be between players or weekly offers, something like that.

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Is it that of something similar to Rocket League’s trading system? Interesting.

Right, I think that any kind of exchange of phobies will be great for the game.

Trading Systems can be so cool and ingame Chat too :smiley:

I dunno, seems a bit troublesome to implement factoring in upgrade cards and rarities, people might try to trade with an alt account which is not good for the game at all, although it could be discouraged if you can only trade at a specific stress level maybe around 15

it would be really cool to trade with my friends, though the last guy has a point, people would just open up 6 accounts and trade everything to one account.

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True, but having a level requirement would pretty much solve such issue

A trading system like rocket league would be amazing!! But everyone is right, it would need a way to prevent card farming from other accounts

would it? that would just make it take longer to get your 6 accounts ready, then the same problem would exist, just a bit less often

True, a headache indeed.

Or a card donations system like Clash Royal, but that just means you have to create a clan/alliance system…

Talking about clash royale…
I think it’s a good thing to have specific card to buy in store that rotates every now and then

Right now it’s only pure gacha…
It’s okay if RNG still needed to have new phobies,
But please make the existed one to be buyable so we could upgrade the phobies we love :wink:

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Yeah I like the idea of this, it doesnt even need to be high rarity, stuff like stabby and cassowary are huge to have in your collection and are only common, I still dont have the latter and its crippling sometimes not having these. It would be amazing having an option to buy rotated common/uncommons for a beefed up price (i’d happily spend 3000 tears/300 coffee beans for a cassowary) if you already own these too, you can just give the option for more upgrade cards so nobody is at a loss.

With the system that Phobies currently has it might be a little difficult for the team to implement a feature such as this.
Additionally, there are concerns with alternative accounts.

It would be an interesting feature, though! I don’t have much authority regarding anything about this, though.

Definitely something that another team member would need to voice input on. :slight_smile:
(Someone that could provide a more technical description of why this could/could not work)

Thank you for sharing your thoughts about the game! We love knowing what the community thinks as we value our players’ feedback!

I have included your insights in my monthly Feedback report! :slight_smile:

Haha :joy::joy: first thing came to my mind…

So it’s definitely no, it’ll ruin the game