What do you think about cerberus

ok so just got cerberus on a uneasy pack and and i want someone to give me their opinion about cerberus to see if it is a good phobie

it used to be my most used phobies its amazing to have when your opponent has a bunch of melee phobie it will tank a lot and the damage speak for itself

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I often see this in low elo, but not that much in high elo. I think its safe to say that cerb is pretty good in small map however it can be countered by rusty + range phobies. I personally don’t use cerb that much so I can’t really say anything other than that

i was using it and I think you are right, most of the time when the opponent has distance phobies it is easier for him to kill your cerberus

i usually use it on small maps since cerberus usually gets to the place where everyone is fighting faster and puts pressure on the opponent

I like hydra more, 2 keys cheaper, but only 300 less atk and its mech, would rather bring hydra over cerb