Just Facts Tier List

A tier list filled with facts.

What do you think about facts?

All facts, but perhaps consider the scumbagness of the jackalope party.

Rusty is so bad I forget it is a unit. Two keys, no attack, barely any health, self destruct on use? Better make it rare quality! Bleh.

I have both won with and lost to Bad Sushi, but like, once ever…

I generally like trap units in the game, but there isn’t enough counter-trap to play with and they’re both overcost/underpowered. Like, the trap units are reasonably useful as attackers in their own right and can season the map with bonus attacks. The counter units are both weak attackers and have a very limited ability to meaningfully remove traps. You’re literally better off just summoning your own trap units and fishing around to disarm theirs.

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Im afraid i have to agree, Doom Doom literally has no usage i would consider it one of the worst phobies period, trappers really need better counters, hell they shouldnt even need counters at all. Puts the players into a collection funnel.

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My opinion is: trap units are useful (especially Uni-Corn), but they are frustrating to play against (sometimes you need to watch replays to see possible trap positions in async) and since the game has so much open information it’s almost like chess they feel out of place.
Tickles can be useful because of his high health at 1 key if Boomer is unavailable or you want a little bit of damage that Boomer doesn’t deal, and the trap-eating thing is nice on him. I agree with Machine-King about Doom Doom.
Rusty should cost 1 to even be considered playable. Bad Sushi needs more health (at least 1600) or a passive like Smiley’s that poisons units around him at end of turn. Leshy is so bad an UR I would consider restarting the game if I found him in the first 2000-coffee pack: 7 keys for an healer is expensive, plus it doesn’t even heal that much and needs to get near the units he wants to heal. It would be interesting if the ability healed all allied phobies on the map.

Also, a phobie like Rusty with the same stats that freezes instead of immobilizing would be very interesting.

Arg. Got Rusty today as my new phobie from a pack. Shouldn’t have said his name out loud.

Rusty is OP lucky! >:(((