I want to hear your opinion!

I want to hear your opinion
Which ultra rare phobie is the worst and best in your opinion.?(Because i get sockassin phobie from dreadful pack)

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Ok that’s possibly the best 1 key phobie there is imo. Such strong poison for such low cost can be a great way to take out something higher of your opponents. I just got Alistair from a dreadful pack and am very pleased so far. No slouch with sockassin. Would love have that phobie so don’t feel bad.

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Sockassin maybe be the worst but is a 1-key phobie, tecnicaly is a decent UR and have strong stats for a 1-key phobie.
actualy the worst Ultra Rare to obtain in gacha is Kaboom, but the position by the worst can be comparable to Morty or Jammy Fish; also the UR phobies normaly are realy strongers and funtional, and the realy wost phobie to obtain are Rusty (a Rare), Bad Sushi and Charon (Uncommon both) because the useless or harder do use in any situation.
the only UR that have this disvantage are Kaboom and Grimes but their have a good status and are priority to kill, for that are harder to use and no because a bad stats or bad designed.

worst is leshy Imo, 7 key its too expensive for a healer taht useless in battle also it get outclassed by bluelien
best is the 9 keys, boss, and beauty