Who are the Starter Phobies

So I’m confused. I started playing Phobies circa 8 months ago give or take, and showing up in the forums I hear people don’t have Cowbell, or Alley Gator, or Heavo, even those were all starter Phobies for me.

Did they change the starter Phobies? If yes, who are they now? If not, how do people not have them?

Its varies from some phobies so its different between each player like someone has cowbell but the other person doesn’t have him

Pretty sure you get some random starter phobies (idk if rarity is included, pretty sure they’re all common) on my first account i got:
Razor mouth, contortio, maggie, k9000, cassowary, bomangles, unbearable, slammer head, staremaster, and fishtank (got fleshcrawler from the uneasy pack in tutorial)
On my second account i got: Razor mouth, contortio, cowbell, gesundheit,k-9000,eternal knight, stabby,primate #9,heavo, and alley-gator (Got terrordactyl from uneasy pack during tutorial)
So It might be different team loadouts or just random phobies altogether.

razor mouth contorio cowbell
K-9000 Cassowary
Grave Digger Murder Wing Jar Cannon
Sheeping Gas Unbearable
Staremaster Wooly Bully

i believe K-9000 was my first draw or cowbell

Murder Wing, Jar Cannon, Grave Digger, Sheeping Gas and Erratic are all guaranteed for every player (Razor Mouth too technically since it’s stress 1). :slight_smile:
Outside of that the starting pack can be stuff like:
Contortio, K-9000, Gesundheit, Stabby, Primate 9, Heavo and Alley Gator.
Cowbell, Cassowary, Eternal Knight, BoMangles, Unbearable, Staremaster and Fishtank.
I don’t remember the exact lists of phobies that you can get, but I’m pretty sure it’s only specific sets of phobies and not just random. (don’t think it’s possible to get a starting pack with both Heavo and Cassowary in it for example, but don’t quote me on that) :sweat_smile:
Similar for all of them is that they give you one 1-key, two 2-keys, one 3-key, one 4-key, one 5-key and one 7-key.