Whats your favorite card?

Not much to talk about rn so a simple question to begin, my personal favorite is the jack in the box guy, specially love his design

The gravedigger allows some unique plays when it comes to either breaking or making obstacles, loved the skill idea on that one

Stabby as of right now! He’s cute :ghost:

I like Mike Roscopic hahah :smiley:

~ CM NekoRei

For now my favorite is Woolly Bully :smiley:

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Since quite a few of my first choices are already picked I’ll go with Murder wing. Good for offence, defense, taking panic points and most of all…taking care of that pesky jar cannon.

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Probably Flopsy or any variation of it, they are so cute

My fave so far is BoMangles (the clown). Has decend atk power and range. Awesome Phobie!

Stabby’s cousin :smirk: ㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤ

Well, I would have to say “Boss” hehe

k-9000. Best robodoggo!

the jar canon is really good, i love it