Going to do my first pack opening

Going to do my first pack opening which includes 1 dreadful and 2 horrifics and there also my first packs of them

I really hope for my horrific i don’t get something like jill, henrietta, rusty, blue, zomboni, blondie, dial, jackalope king medibot and slayerrrr

For my dreadful i hope i don’t get whufallo will, sockassin, leshy, bogart, bad omen, cupcake, edgar, russell and tick

I still have a feeling im gonna get these trash phobies so please wish me luck this might be a waste of money or worth it as hell

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Good Luck!

Also I don’t know why you call Bad Omen, Tick (which just got buffed), Sockassin or Cupcake trash, those are all great phobies - Though I can understand they’re not as exciting as getting something big like a Blast-0 Matic… :sweat_smile:

There good i love bad omen but conlmpared to other UR there not to exciting. Getting these phobies feels like getting kick in the balls it hurts and its disappointing and please don’t say for god sake when i get sockassin and say its meh please don’t say “you gotta keep in mind its a 1 key” Idc ok even if its one key im still disappointed like getting jill is uhhh how do i say this very horiffic like when i got kerbloom i was very dissapointed luckily it was from a terifiying pack and after that i got giggles which i love using but i still gotta worry about JILL

Honestly as a frequent bad omen user its surprisingly fun. It can be very flashy if you know how to use it, you can run it in swarm builds where it can go in shut down an entire team and you can then run them over. Its very powerful and very fun in my opinion. Its honestly my favourite example of a low cost UR that feels like a UR aside from creepy devil.
Cupcake got nerfed for a reason, It was insane before its still pretty insane now. Borings up for debate, but there are plenty of players (including me) which can tell you the horrors of what that cake can commit. honestly i still think its too powerful now. Dont sleep on that thing cause its cheap, cupcake is a terrifying unit.

But the problem is i don’t have that good phobies especially in rares category i got kerbloom for god sake, like what im gonna do with cupcake heal my hydra? Ijust want something usable at this point i don’t want to spend 5.99 on cupcake its just not worth it

The important part of cupcake isnt the heal, its the buff. You cupcake your area units, to heal them, while also getting them to do a boatload of damage. Buffs are very powerful in this game especially since you can have situations where theres a double attack and so you can double up on the buff.
Youre gonna complain that you dont have this, but imagine you use cupcake on a heavo 3.0. When its getting a double attack. Youve just dealt 600 damage to an entire team of phobies for 2 keys while also healing heavo 3.0. Thats the kinda thing cupcake can get away with. And you may not have the tools to make cupcake amazing right away but you will have the tools to make it decent cause even with a basic ginsting it can be pretty strong, and the more your collection grows the more important cupcake becomes.
Also hydra + bad omen is an excellent combination, ive been playing around with that a lot right now. Hydra runs in, theyre distracted trying to kill the hydra so you can hide bad omen behind it, shut off their entire team and bully them out with hydra.

But it feels very painful to get these cheap URs because they have low health i mean yeah if you can use them good but i don’t think ill find much use in them because in my experience when the opponent spawns them i just kill these phobies before they even do there skill or attack

Dont just look at the health, look at the ability. Bad omen has low health but if it gets a debuff it ruins the entire enemy teams attack to the point that its basically a tank. Cupcake doesnt need health because it makes your other units healthier and do way more damage.

If you are managing to kill cupcake your opponent isnt using them well, cupcake should be hidden behind everything, if you use it well its basically untouchable. I have never in my entire time playing seen a cupcake get killed.

Even if there in the back i just use my klepto or heavo (normal) to kill them using them feels like a boring game just retreating trying to lend one hit or ability before the phobie dies

I mean 2 tiles behind where even klepto cant hit them. They can move 2 tiles to buff and therefore they can stay 2 tiles behind everything to never get hit by aoes or lobbers

But you have to remember there attack range is 1 so its hard getting in a attack or doing ability

Also as a sidenote, if you kill a cupcake behind an enemy team with a heavo, isnt your heavo just dead? Like youre losing a 5 key to kill a 2 key here, honestly the cupcake is winning if you do that

No it was behind like a misanthrope and i already got a thunder rocks out

Well i think part of the problem is theyre trying to use cupcake with a misanthrope threatened by thunder rocks. As ive said, you want it on ranged and splash units, ginsting being the most available example. Thatway if they try and dive cupcake they can easily be punished by other ranged units.

Maybe ill try them if i get them also how to use morty for me its trolling when there like only a cerberus and stabby

Morty isnt the best UR, im definitely not gonna pretend like its very strong, but it has its situations.
Mortys main problem is that it is a terrible zoning unit. Ray can just one shot it, so it cant work in a stable situation so you gotta find very unstable situations for it to work in.

  1. spawn sniping. Its the highest damage spawn sniper with a reach of 4 so it can be useful for killing stuff other spawn snipers cant.
  2. heartrushes, if you can find a way around the enemy team it can go straight for the heart and wreck them before they have the chance to fight back. Its sometimes not easy to make work, but i have lost a few games to morty heartrush it can be effective.
  3. (you probably dont have this but im just gonna put it out there just so you know) its a good combo with brony. With brony you win by debuffing as little as your stuff as possible by avoiding the debuff through clever movement and then immediately running in and stomping over the opponents very debuffed units. Morty is perfect for this as he is fast enough to be able to dodge bronys debuff while hitting like a truck to stomp the enemy. And since the enemy has no attack they have no way of punishing morty.

Good luck Bro…

I wish you get what you want. God bless!!


I want atleast fire ant or heavo 3.0 ot even starman

I just don’t like playing retreating and trying to land one hit