Where can I send a complaint about a discord moderator?

the moderator kicked me off discord for posting a screenshot of my victory over him i read he’s breaking the moderator rules.
7.1.1 A moderator must be able to report his/her actions to any member of the administration, as well as to the Senior Moderator. A moderator may not abuse/use their powers without reason, to the detriment of the user or in favour of themselves, friends or third parties.
Punishment: Removal from office / In severe cases - ban.

I posted this very screenshot, after which he immediately kicked me out of Discord. Many players post similar screenshots and he did too.

Maybe you can rejoin the discord server, and open a ticket regarding this matter. Then they might have an investigation or what idunno. And, hopefully whatever beef you have to each other will be able to fix it soon.

Where or who do I contact about this? Discord.

He’s just always angry that he can’t win.
And now he’s using his moderator powers
to his own advantage.

Hey Dragan.
I believe we’ve got a ticket open up on Discord. We will communicate there as well.

Hello Chu This is the first time I asked for help here because I didn’t know about Discord. I was helped by Cha, thank her very much for her help.

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